Major Investment Opportunities in Ethiopia

Major Investment Opportunities in Ethiopia

Major Investment Opportunities in Ethiopia

Major Investment Opportunities in Ethiopia

Agriculture and Agro-Industrial Processing

It is clear that agriculture is the backbone of the Ethiopian economy. Ethiopia grows all types of cereals, fibber crops, oil seeds, coffee, tea, flowers, fruits, and vegetables since it is endowed a with wide ranging agro-ecological zones and diversified resources. Therefore, Ethiopia offers opportunities to invest on food crops, beverage crops and cotton. Among the various agricultural and agro-industrial sectors, the following are the main ones:

  1. Coffee and Tea
  2. Fruits and Vegetables
  3. Flowers
  4. Livestock and Poultry
  5. Pulses
  6. Oil Seeds


  1. Leather and leather products
  2. Textiles and textile products and garments
  3. Building materials (steel, cement, etc.)
  4. Food and beverage industries, including breweries, starch and glucose compel, baby food unit, etc.
  5. Automotive industry, including production of components and spare parts (a good example is Holland Car that assembles ABAY brand cars)


Ethiopia also offers an excellent opportunity to invest in Mining. According to the Ministry of Mines, Ethiopia has a great potential in mining in general, and gold in particular. Ethiopia also has a good potential in deposits of tantalum, platinum, nickel, potash and soda ash. In addition, marble, granite, limestone, clay, gypsum, gemstone, iron ore, coal, copper etc. are found in Ethiopia. The Ogaden, the Gambella, the Blue Nile and the Southern Rift Valley sedimentary basins also offer significant opportunities for Oil and Natural Gas.


As per the information provided by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Country is endowed with various tourist attractions having natural, historical and cultural attractions. For instance, the Country has a land of natural contrasts, from the tops of the rugged Semein Mountains to the depths of the Danakil Depression, at 120 meters below sea level of the lowest dry land points on earth. It is a country of great antiquities, cultures and traditions.


  1. Large-Scale Construction
  2. Construction and Management of International Hotel and Resort Facilities (many such international Hotels and Resorts are being constructed in almost every parts of the country and there is still a huge need.)

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