How To Edit Your Profile

How To Edit Your Profile

How To Edit Your Profile



  1. If you are not a Member of TAP-Ethiopia yet, please Register as a Free, Premium or Lifetime Member.

Click here to learn how to Register on TAP-Ethiopia.

  1. Follow one of the following links to edit your Profile:
  • In the top corner of the Right Sidebar of the HOMEPAGE, there is a Member’s Area box. Within this box, you will find two buttons. The one labeled “Logout” will allow you to log out of your account; and the one labeled “Account” will take you to your Profile Page.
  • In the Left Sidebar of the REGISTRATION PAGE, there is the same Member’s Area box found in the Homepage mentioned above. Follow the button labeled “Account” to go to your Profile Page.
  1. Once you reach your Profile Page, you will be able to edit your Profile. Here, in addition to your updating your Personal and Contact Information, you can:
  1. Feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions, comments, suggestions or you just need some extra guidance.

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