How To Add Trade Leads

How To Add Trade Leads

How To Add Trade Leads


  1. If you are not a Member of TAP-Ethiopia yet, please Register as a Free, Premium or Lifetime Member.

Click here to learn how to Register on TAP-Ethiopia.

  1. Follow one of the following links, which are accessible from any page in the website, to start adding your Sales Offer or Purchase Requirement:
  • Hover over the “TRADE LEADS” Menu in the Top Menu. Two sub-menus – “ADD TRADE LEADS” & “ADD SPECIAL OFFERS” – will appear. Select the “ADD TRADE LEADS” link.
  • At the bottom of every page – at the top right part of the footer section, you will find a link “ADD TRADE LEADS”.
  • In the top corner of the Right Sidebar of the HOMEPAGE, there is a Member’s Area box. Within this box, you will find three buttons. Two of these buttons, namely “Account” and “My Items” will take you to your Profile Page. The one labeled “Logout” will allow you to log out of your account.

These links will lead you to your Account Page.

  1. Once you reach your Account Page, hover over the Items tab in the Top Menu. Two sub-menus – “All Items” and “Add New” – will appear. Select the “Add New” tab from the drop-down sub-menu.
  2. The “Add New” tab will take you to a new page where you will be able to add your Company Profile.
  3. Feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions, comments, suggestions or you just need some extra guidance.


Trade Leads are broadly classified into Buyer Leads & Seller Leads.

  • Buyer Leads are Requests made by Importers, Buyers & Procurement Offices. They provide the opportunity for users to post the products & services that they need in detail and under their own specific terms.
  • Seller Leads are Offers made by Exporters, Suppliers & Manufacturers. They provide the opportunity for users to post details about their products & services, and the specific terms that they are offered under.

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