Export Market Potential Index (EMPI) for Ethiopia – 2019

Export Market Potential Index (EMPI) for Ethiopia – 2019

Export Market Potential Index (EMPI) for Ethiopia – 2019

About the Index

Given the eminence importance of export growth for the economic development of developing countries like Ethiopia, international marketing has become increasingly important both at a macro- and micro- level. As such, TAP Ethiopia has developed the Export Market Potential Index (EMPI) with a particular focus on Ethiopia, so as to provide guidance for Ethiopian companies interested in determining which international markets present them with the most opportunities for a successful market entry.

The EMPI for Ethiopia is a methodical analysis which identifies and ranks the aggregate market potential of 120 countries for 2019 as potential export markets for Ethiopia. It ranks these 120 countries based on eight (8) dimensions: Market Size, Market Growth Rate, Market Intensity, Market Receptivity, Market Openness, Logistics Infrastructure, Economic Freedom, and Governance/ Institutional Quality. Each of these dimensions are measured using an aggregated set of credible and quantifiable indicators, whose values are converted into a 1-100 scale based on their relative magnitudes in each of the eight dimensions. The Overall Score of the EMPI is calculated by adding-up the weighted values of each of these dimensions based on their relative importance in determining their contribution to the overall score of the EMPI. The eight dimensions, their corresponding weights and indicators, as well as their respective sources of data are shown below.

The Export Market Potential Index is calculated with the most recent data available, so it is important to note that the results represent the current state of the identified countries, and should not be considered as a forecast.

It should also be noted that, while the EMPI is a very useful tool for companies in the process of researching new markets for export, it should not be used as the single source of information in the decision. The EMPI is designed to support further market research and is intended to be used for verification purposes. The information in this report can be utilized as a foundation to help identify potential countries for which more detailed research should be conducted.

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