Getting Started

Getting Started


Welcome to TAP-Ethiopia, an Online B2B Platform aimed at assisting Ethiopian Companies interested in Doing Business in the International Markets; as well as Foreign Companies interested in Doing Business in Ethiopia.

Now that you’re here, it is time to rip the benefits of all our services. So, let’s get started!

1.    Register at TAP-Ethiopia

To rip the full benefits of TAP-Ethiopia, users should become a Member of TAP-Ethiopia. Registration is easy and only takes about a minute.

The first step to get started is to select one of the 3 (three) Membership Packages:

  1. Free Membership Package
  2. Premium Membership Package
  3. Life-Time Membership Package

Click here to learn more about the features of each of these Membership Packages.

Also, if you wish to find more detailed instructions on Registration and Payment Procedures on TAP-Ethiopia, click here.

2.    Update Your Profile

Once Registered at TAP-Ethiopia, the next step is to update your profile with all the relevant personal information within your Personal Profile Page.

Click here to learn more about how you can edit and update your Profile.

3.    Claim Listing

If you have received an email from the TAP-Ethiopia. Team with an invitation to “Claim your Listing”, you can browse the Business Directory section of TAP-Ethiopia until you find the name of your Company. Once you have found your company, you can “Claim the Listing”.

Claiming a Listing means that you are Registered as a Free Member. For detailed instructions on how to Claim Your Company, click here.

4.    List your Company Profile

Add your Company among a diverse and growing list of companies comprising of Ethiopia’s Importers & Exporters, International Buyers & Suppliers, as well as Service Providers.

TAP-Ethiopia’s Business Directory helps you secure increased visibility for your company, as well as all your products and services in Ethiopia and across the world.

Click here to learn more about Adding your Company in our Business Directory.

5.    List your Sales Offers and Purchase Requests

TAP-Ethiopia’s Trade-Leads section offers a unique platform to Add Offers & Requests, allowing its member users easily find their next business opportunity from anywhere in the world.

This service is especially aimed at connecting domestic businesses in Ethiopia with international businesses around the world for enhanced business success.

Click here to learn more about Adding your Trade Leads.

6.    List an Event

TAP-Ethiopia boasts a comprehensive list of Events that will be held in Ethiopia and across the globe, providing users all the necessary information on upcoming events such as Trade Shows, Expos and Conferences.

If you are an Event Organizer, or a company Hosting a Business or Trade Event, TAP-Ethiopia can help you Add your Event and promote it to relevant companies and individuals.

Click here to learn more about Adding your Events.

6.    List your Special Offers

TAP-Ethiopia’s Special Offers section offers a unique opportunity to Add Special Offers, Requests, and Events, allowing Members to highlight these Offers, Requests and Events for an enhanced visibility and better promotion for their Businesses to other relevant Businesses in Ethiopia as well as across to globe.

Click here to learn more about Adding your Special Offers.

7.    Browse Through Our Resources

TAP-Ethiopia offers users unlimited access to a wide range of Resources including news articles, business guides, tools and publications.

Feel free to browse through our collections and participate in the comments section below each Resource and take part in the conversation among peers.

8.    Follow us on Social Media

You can find TAP-Ethiopia in all the major social media platforms. Follow the links below to join us on a platform of your choice.

9.    Keep a look-out for TAP-Ethiopia Emails

Email is the primary method TAP-Ethiopia uses to communicate with Members and Subscribers.

Make sure that you don’t miss out on any important information, announcements, new offerings, business opportunity alerts, etc., and receive all of our future Emails by adding TAP-Ethiopia to your contact list.

Click here to learn how to add TAP-Ethiopia to your Email’s contact list.