Start Exporting: A General Guide

Export trading can be a profitable way of expanding your business, spreading risk and reducing your dependence on the domestic market. Free trade agreements, globalization, and the ease of communication made possible via the internet, are continually drawing world markets closer together. There are many benefits to exporting including: Economies of scale – the more […]

Major Investment Opportunities in Ethiopia

Agriculture and Agro-Industrial Processing It is clear that agriculture is the backbone of the Ethiopian economy. Ethiopia grows all types of cereals, fibber crops, oil seeds, coffee, tea, flowers, fruits, and vegetables since it is endowed a with wide ranging agro-ecological zones and diversified resources. Therefore, Ethiopia offers opportunities to invest on food crops, beverage […]

Forms of Investment in Ethiopia

Investment in Ethiopia may take place in one of the following forms: I. SOLE PROPRIETORSHIP Sole proprietorship is business in which only one individual owns all the assets, and operates in his/her personal capacity. The sole proprietor is liable personally for all debts of the business operation. II. BUSINESS ORGANIZATION There are three business organizations […]